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In my life, I have been lucky to have friends and colleagues of every race and religion and political stripe. If you are kind and decent - I’ve got your back.

Unfortunately, today, the things that Trump and DeSantis use to try and divide us are the exact traits that make up who we are as a country, a state, a community.

They Say: 

  • Stripping Florida’s women of their rights wasn’t controversial?
  • Shuttering offices of Diversity in our universities wasn’t controversial? 
  • Sacrificing our youth to a phony culture war isn't controversial?
  • Attempting to strip our towns of Home Rule isn't  controversial? 

It's easy to think that these things aren’t controversial …. When they don’t affect you.

Why you choose to run for office matters. Who you are, what you stand for, who you will fight for - matters.

The  integrity of who represents us should match the integrity that we hold for ourselves. 

This election we need to make the choice of what we'll accept and what we expect from our elected leaders. 

Let's bring real representation to Tallahassee.

I'm humbly asking for your VOTE.

I'm listening.

Thank you!



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